Rebar mill branch

The plant utilizes technology simple and ribbed bars, A2, A3 and A4 sizes 8 to 32 mm for the production branch. The plant was purchased from the Italian company Danieli equipment after installation was put into operation in February 1382.

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Rolled Rebar Bundle

Natanz Steel Company with the aim of producing rebar portfolio of industrial and construction and supply of raw materials of industry was based wire rod rolling line after commissioning of the plant Mansour branch to the needs of downstream

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Branch Unit

According to the requirements of customers in bars 8,10 and 12 mm diameter branch the company decided to set up a branch of a plant to convert Mylgrdklaf Mylgrdklaf rolling line at the same branch and branch lines, 9 lines

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Online Sell

For the first time in the country's Natanz Steel Company sells its products directly and without intermediaries, and in this regard the launch of its online sales site that lets you buy, compare and provide product details and purchase and write to

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Natanz Steel Company began its work from the late forties on Pamenar Street in Tehran by selling construction ironware and along with conducting business in the industrial section, the company expanded its work in early fifties through producing steel products and establishing Natanz Steel Factories Complex. Combining knowledge and experience to produce different types of industrial, construction, and armature rods, this company promoted new developments in regard to diverse products, and subsequently, within a short period of time this company was able to play a principal role in the section of wire industry in regard to production and sale market.

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Central Office

Adress : No. 1819 , in front of the African cinema ,St. Vali Asr , Tehran , Iran

Phone :021 88901030 - 9

Fax  : 021 88905988  


Address : Natanz Steel Factory , Shoja' Abad Ind. zone , Natanz , Isfahan

Phone : 031- 5432 0510  19

Fax: 031 5432 0517 

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Tehran central warehouse

Address : Central warehouse of Natanz Steel Complex, Bahram Masiri St, After railway bridge, KheirAbad, Varamin, Iran.

Phone :021-88901030 -9

TeleFax :021-88900754



Address :Factory: Natanz Steel Complex, Natanz industrial little town, Natanz, IRAN

Phone : 031 - 5432 0510 - 19

Fax: 031 - 5432 0517